16 July 2012


for so long
only emptiness

where have all my words gone?

17 January 2012

yearning for spring

purple and pink, four tulips stand up straight in the stone vase.  a fifth stretches its head towards the lacy curtain.

16 January 2012

gray blue mist hovers under smoldering sunset.  a single frosted tree in the middle of an empty field.

15 January 2012

come look!

morning sun catches the blue glass vase on the shelf, sending a variegated strip of blue light down the corridor.
it's nice to notice these things, it's also nice to be shown them.

14 January 2012

waiting for the night bus

moonlit frost on glass
shadow branches on frost
etchings on etchings

13 January 2012

not paying attention

a handful of chocolates
I didn't even taste them

12 January 2012


wooden spoon glides through creamy white porridge