So I'm not entirely sure that my blog activity really justifies an About Page, but you get one nonetheless, you lucky thing.

When I started this blog, it really wasn't about anything.  I just wanted a place to scribble and share my scribblings with a handful of people.  I wasn't terribly disciplined and nothing really much came of it.  Then Fiona and Kaspa started the River of Stones project.  I participated in the January River of Stones and my blog had a purpose again.  I fell off writing them afterwards but realised that I missed it.  So I'm back and you can read here why I'm writing small stones again.  As Fiona and Kaspa say, small stones are a tool to  help us slow down and fall in love with the world.  That's a pretty tall order since the world is generally quite messy and unlovable a lot of the time, but hey, it's the only one we've got.  Much like life itself, I suppose.

So small stones got me writing again, and a lot of my posts are small stones.  But, like everything else, this is a constantly evolving place and I welcome that.  So welcome to my little notepad on the internet where I try to share a bit of my journey.  Maybe it'll resonate with you.  Maybe not.  That's your journey.