31 August 2010

I'll never get it right
I'll never have the answer
I'll never meet their expectations
I'll never be satisfied.

I'm always near the end
death draws ever nearer

Learn to love the question
Live with the restlessness
That's where there is lightness
and Joy

30 August 2010

sunday drive

smell of pine
winding through mountain roads,
strangers wave to say hello

29 August 2010

Take off

Glimpse of Tyne and sea

Hills and bridges

Then you’re lost to me

Swallowed by the clouds

26 August 2010

flying over Iowa

a patchwork of perfect squares
sewn together by white country roads
and windmill ties

22 August 2010

The first morning

Blue sky
and salty breeze
draw me to your shores

Fireball rising
glinting off rushing waves
Wet sand
icy between my toes
Seagulls cry
riding the wind
Church bellls
wake the faithful

I prostrate myself
on stones hewn by time
as the world begins

19 August 2010

My place

My place on this earth
is nowhere extraordinary
not at the front
not in the lead
For thousands of years
Man's story has been played out
all to the same end
so don't look for yours
to be any different
there is no space
for complacency
dig in
be there
I mean
Be There

18 August 2010

It hurts
to be the cause of your tears
I want to escape
into busyness
but force myself to sit
and be with the crashing waves
as the day dies

16 August 2010

Good morning

gold autumn light
Snail curled up asleep under the doorknob

14 August 2010

Death on a sunny morning

by the roadside
the black and white cat
I greeted just yesterday

13 August 2010

red ripe summer cherries
hang like christmas ornaments
from my neighbour's tree

12 August 2010

soldier's tomb
saint's chapel
death lingers


11 August 2010

Greens in tended rows
sit calmly
Above the grey sea
waves crashing

10 August 2010


city lights give the clouds a soft pink underbelly

09 August 2010

Gratitude for small miracles

in my loneliness
the neighbour cat
lets himself in
and curls up on my lap

08 August 2010

would that i could capture the fire of sunset
and light it in your eyes
its flames i would worship
until the passion dies

Night Fog

Invisible to wingless eyes
a seagull's echoing cry