14 February 2011


Dew drops on white blossoms
catch the morning light.
Bejewelled tee branches
sparkle in the wind
filling my imagination
with their shimmering song.

10 February 2011

Choose your stone!

To my dear readers,

As you may have noticed, January has come and gone in a cascade of small stones. If you've been involved in the small stones project as well, I hope you've enjoyed as much as I have the sounds of the shifting river of stones as it has flowed past us every day and has carried us along. It's been such a wonderful experience reading everyone's observations this past month. Being invited into another person's moment of stillness, of observation is powerful and touching. Something about a small stone draws you in. You know that it was written in order to capture
that feeling, that brief moment of clarity that eludes us most of our lives. Fleeting and profound.

So I can't say thank you enough to Fiona and Kaspa, what a wonderful project! Thank you.

And to my dear readers, people who have actually read my blog and clicked to follow it....I can't tell you how touched I am. Thank you for reading, for commenting. It's meant so much to me. Your support has spurred me on.

You may or may not already know that Fiona and Kaspa are asking for submissions of people's stones to be made into a collection (wow!). I'll be choosing my own favourites to submit, but I'd quite like to know what you think! Reply as a comment to this email, let me know your favourite stone(s). What can I say, I'm curious what you think :)


I’ll sit myself down with a cup of tea
and I’ll sift through
the pebbles of my life.

I'll hold them up to the light,
these little reminders
that I’ve collected
and carried with me.
Selected on their worth,
some match
some create a set
and some stand out
in a subtle radiance.
I’ll forget their weight
and remember
the point wasn’t to collect pebbles
wasn’t to carry them.
There’s nothing to be done with them
no sculpture to build
and no value in their selling
but only in their sharing.

And someday
when the sun is setting
I’ll sit to rest
and never again rise
into a pile of pebbles
to be scattered
and carried on.

01 February 2011

touch the earth

At midnight I stopped
and was still

exhaled the old day
and inhaled the new

wind stirred the branches
and I heard it